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MeanderMe #11 - Progress along the Pathless Path

Why Knowing Who You Are Is The Only Real Destination

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Hello good soul,

This month, I've been asking myself the question: What does it mean to progress in life, when everything is by nature so uncertain? And how can I make a project out of my life, when it and I are constantly changing? What of all our best-laid plans, which 'lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, for promised joy?'

The answer, I believe, is not to look out there, to a world of so many bright and blinking lights.

But - you guessed it - to look inside where, perhaps, we might find something that stays still long enough to actually be understood, which can act as some kind of map or compass, to guide us through the madness and confusion of being human.

Check the article out here or in the World Inside section below.

If you liked the article, or want some help in becoming a happier, calmer human, check out the new 'Resources' section below.



🧠The World Inside: Insights and strategies in Psychology, Spirituality and personal growth

Progress along the Pathless Path: Why Knowing Who You Are Is The Only Real Destination

Poem: No one else knows

🌍 The World Around Us: Understanding and addressing social and environmental issues

What is a carbon offset?: an in-depth article I wrote for Reforestum explaining everything you need to know about compensating for your carbon emissions.

🤪Playtime: Just for fun

May The Force Be With You: It's Summer (kind of)!

🔥Resources: Bits and bobs I've been using to help me overcome life's hurdles, which I hope can also be of use to you.

It didn't start with you: a fascinating book on intergenerational epigentic inheritance that will change your conception of who you are and how to heal.

The Inner Landscape of Beauty: a beautiful, profound conversation with former Priest turned Poet and Philosopher, John O'Donohue.

The Pathless Path and the Magic of non-doing: another kind of pathless path, referring to the open-ended exploration of a life lived outside of mainstream employment. Fascinating for anyone considering going freelance and reclaiming more agency in their life.

13 Virtues: Ben Franklin's system for becoming the best version of yourself you can be.

Lost Connections - Johann Hari: An amazing book exploring the connections between depression and a broken society. How you feel inside is a complex matter, deeply connected to the environment and superstructures around you. And there are steps you can take to feel stronger and more connected.


Thanks for reading!

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