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MeanderMe #27 - Making Meaningful Resolutions: Choose the One Thing

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Hello good soul,

It's that time of the year for making resolutions. It can be tempting to remember all of the failures of the past and conclude this year will just bring more of the same.

But in fact, we fail far more often than we succeed. Rather than representing a dead-end, each failure is simply an invitation to try again, in a new way. As such, the main piece reflects my latest attempt at approaching the new year successfully.



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🧠The World Inside: My insights and approaches in Psychology, Spirituality and personal growth

Choose The One Thing: A Simplified Approach to Meaningful Resolutions: Overambition is often the source of our belief that resolutions never work. Try a simpler approach.

📖 To read: Books and articles that have opened my mind or taught me something new

Memories, Dreams and Reflections - Carl Jung: Jung is one of those thinkers who has had a huge impact despite relatively few people having actually read his work. This is because it is notoriously dense and impenetrable. This memoir, written at the end of his life, is a lovely intro then, giving an overview of his life and work while also remaining relatively accessible.

The Snake Cult of Consciousness: This is one of the most interesting articles I read last year. It presents an intricate, if admittedly tentative, thesis suggesting that snake venom might have been the catalyst for human evolution.

🎙️To listen: Podcasts on self-development and healing

Overcome shame - Peter Levine: a bitesize session on how to deal with shame from the world-leading Psychologist

Courage - David Whyte on Curious Humans: This podcast is always good, and this episode is no exception. In typically literary style, the poet David Whyte philosophises on what it takes to live a meaningful life. I find his words somehow reassuring and rousing at the same time.

🤪Playtime: Just for fun

December 2023: Say g'bye to last year


Space Ghost/Feelings: In case you missed it, here's my (still!) new double A-side:)

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