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MeanderMe #28 - What I Learnt from a Year of Sobriety

Hello good soul,

Last year I made the decision to go sober. Having completed my mission, I felt a certain pressure to one-sidedly eulogise the benefits of alcohol, as if the point was to ascend to a higher plain where I no longer needed it and then show the way there.

As it was, things were a little more nuanced than that. Read on for my reflections on the positives and negatives of (not) drinking.



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🧠The World Inside: My insights and approaches in Psychology, Spirituality and personal growth

What I learn from a Year Sober: It's not as simple as drink is bad for you so you should stop. Here's why!

📖 To read: Books and articles that have opened my mind or taught me something new

Girl, Woman, Other - Bernardine Evaristo: This is a fantastically engaging and real novel, detailing the lives of thirteen, mainly BAME women/female-identifying people, shedding light on what it means to be a female across the last century. It's so difficult to touch on the subjects of race and gender without coming across as sanctimonious but Evaristo nails it through her amazing ability to treat big topics with a mixture of irreverence and deep respect almost in the same sentence. Highly recommend.

🎙️To listen: Podcasts on self-development and healing

Therapeutic MDMA and the new era of Psychedelics - Jonathan Robinson: I only recently heard about Jonathan Robinson through his work as an MDMA therapist but quickly realised his work extends way beyond that. He has spent thousands of hours in meditation and seemingly sampled hundreds of techniques to attain well-being and enlightenment. And he just seems like a genuinely lovely, chilled, friendly guy, the type who brings the spiritual space right down to ground, which can sometimes be needed. Check him out.

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