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Work One-on-One with Me

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What will you get from coaching with me?

  • Overcome your resistance to discipline. Become someone that others and you yourself can rely on. Develop the self-control to confront any situation life throws at you.

  • Face and conquer your fear. Learn to move into challenge and embrace difficulty. Become a leader and watch your self-confidence grow exponentially. 

  • Stop procrastinating. Learn how to navigate self-doubt and creative blocks and achieve a level of productivity you currently can’t imagine. Understand and shape who you truly are through self-expression. 


How does my coaching work?

🌟 Cultivating Discipline: 

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations, but fall to the level of our training”. 

My approach involves helping you establish foundational practices that cater to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. 

You’ll develop unshakeable discipline through cultivating keystone habits such as meditation, physical exercise and reflective journaling.

You’ll develop consistency and resilience, becoming someone who can identify what they want and knows how to move towards it.

🎨 Unlocking Creativity: 

Creativity is an infinite source available to us all at all times. It is nothing but the expression of our unique personality at any given moment in our lives. 

With me as your coach, you will learn to access your creativity by discovering and constantly coming back to your own, authentic voice. 

You will learn to put aside perfectionistic tendencies and remember the joy in the creative act itself. 

Through self-expression, you will learn more about yourself, which will lead to more and deeper self-expression, initiating a virtuous circle of creativity and self-discovery.

🏋️ Embracing Challenge: 

The barrier between where you are now and the life you want is fear: fear of failure, fear of being different, fear of your own potential. 

As your coach, I’ll set you challenges that specifically address your own areas for growth. 

You’ll conduct an audit of all of the areas of your life holding you back. 

And then together we’ll make a plan of attack for how you move through those barriers to the infinite space beyond them.


What makes me qualified?

In my work as a coach, I bring together experience across a range of disciplines and skillsets, all concerned with the question of how to best live a meaningful life:

  • Writer and Philosopher, with a particular focus on Existential Philosophy and Ancient Wisdom traditions.

  • Trainee Psychotherapist (BCPC, UK) and certified Life Coach (accredited with Association for Coaches UK).

  • Completion of multiple additional courses: Working with Shame - Carolyn Spring, NSM Mastery - Jonny Miller, Positive Intelligence - Shirzad Chamine

  • Lifelong musician and creative, with a focus on using performance as a means of authentic self-expression and self-discovery.

  • Completion of over three years’ worth of discipline challenges.

  • Over £20,000 worth of investment in personal development and transformation courses and programmes

  • Extensive personal experience with psychedelics and plant medicines and then integrating challenging experiences.



I believe support should be available to anyone who needs it, so I use a tiered pricing system depending on your income.


📩 Contact me today to find out more and schedule a free discovery call. You never know where it might lead -


What others have said about Ronan:


“I wholeheartedly recommend Ronan as an exceptional life coach. As someone who has battled depression for years, I can sincerely say that my journey towards a more positive life became clearer and achievable with Ronan's guidance.


Ronan possesses a unique blend of empathy, insight, and understanding. With each session, he provided practical tools that not only addressed my immediate concerns but also equipped me with strategies to navigate future challenges. His approach isn't about quick fixes; it's about cultivating resilience, understanding, and long-term growth.


I appreciate that Ronan never rushed our sessions or pushed a one-size-fits-all agenda. Instead, he listened intently and tailored his guidance to my unique situation, needs, and aspirations. It's evident that his primary goal is to empower his clients, and with his help, I've found strength I never knew I had.


In a world full of noise and uncertainty, Ronan Loughney stands out as a beacon of hope. I owe a significant part of my current well-being and positive outlook on life to him. If you're seeking transformative change and unwavering support, look no further than Ronan.”




“With Ronan’s help, I’ve become a better communicator, who is clearer on my own needs and boundaries and knows how to make them known. He has never been afraid to give me frank and sometimes unpalatable feedback, and I have always had the sense that he will tell me what he thinks I need to hear, rather than what I want to.


Thanks to Ronan, I’ve developed a deeper understanding of myself, of my fears and blindspots and of what holds me back. At the same time, he’s also helped me discover the parts of myself that know how to overcome these obstacles and to learn to love the often-painful process of self-healing. 

Perhaps most of all, Ronan has helped me live the life that feels most aligned to who I am and what I want. He’s pushed me to understand what I really want out of life and has helped me find the courage to pursue it. He has been a relentless source of support and encouragement over the years and has been a source of solidity which I have been able to build my progress around.


Ronan is someone who believes deeply in helping people become the best expressions of themselves. He listens deeply and knows when to draw out the answers you hold within yourself, and when to offer his own advice. I really couldn’t recommend him any more highly as a coach.”


Articles showcasing my approach to self-development and healing:

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