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MeanderMe #8 - Realising Your Dreams

Hello good soul,

This month, I've been reflecting on how we spend our whole lives chasing after one thing or the other.

Sometimes, we fail to achieve our goal, which brings its own disappointments and regrets.

But what I am interested in here is when we do get exactly what we want, and the different type of disappointment that can arise as a result.

Check it out here or in the 'World Inside' section below.

In this MeanderMe, you'll also find:

- ActionAble's upcoming workshop: How To Make An Impact - Step 1

- An ongoing appeal for support for my campaign to raise money for the El Balsamo community



If you feel you received something of value from reading this newsletter and would like to support me to produce more of the same, you can contribute here:, or by sharing the email or this link with anyone you think might like it.


🧠The World Inside: Insights and strategies in Psychology, Spirituality and personal growth

Realising Your Dreams: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream...

🌍 The World Around Us: Understanding and addressing social and environmental issues

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible: Charles Eisenstein advocates a type of activism that starts from the ground up, from the stories society binds itself with, so that we can gradually begin to unravel them. You can read my thoughts here.

How To Make An Impact - Step 1: Our next event at ActionAble is all about discovering how you can make an impact in a way that feels good to you, which suits the skills and interests you have, helping you unocver opportunities in the spaces you already inhabit. If you want to experience more meaning, find more joy, and start becoming the change you want to see in the world, sign up here!

There'll also be an opportunity to hear about our upcoming Activator Programme, starting this March, which will build on the same ideas.

Help raise money for the El Balsamo water source: Donate to ensure more than 350 have access to clean water for the next couple of generations.

You can also see the campaign video here.

🤪Playtime: Just for fun

Fabruary: Fabulous February Fun For Folks

🔥Monthly challenge: Get involved with a challenge I am taking, designed to increase self-discipline and wellbeing

Stereotype Samurai: This month I've returned to High Existence's 30 Challenges To Enlightenment. Stereotype Samurai is all about questioning all of the kneejerk assumptions we make when we encounter people, and taking a step back. Often, the process of stereotyping is so subtle I don't even realise I'm doing it. But reflecting and catching myself while doing it does help. Get in touch if you want to try it out.

❤️Spreading the love: Other sites and newsletters you can try if you enjoyed this newsletter

The Authentic Man: I came across David Chambers when he featured on the 'Man Down: The Anti-Man-Up Movement' podcast. He ended up becoming my coach for a few months as I navigated a new relationship, and the strength, wisdom and acceptance he was able to offer me was completely invaluable. Check out his podcast - The Authentic Man - for advice and support on relationships, masculinity, sexuality and lots more.

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