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MeanderMe #15 - Spirituality for Grown-ups

How a Superficial Understanding of Buddhism Can Sabotage Your Spiritual Development

Hello good soul,

Have you ever thought about going on a meditation retreat?

Whereas before, if you'd heard of such a thing as a meditation retreat at all, this was exclusively thought to be the preserve of only the most hard-core spiritual self-flagellators. But now such things are beginning to creep out of the shadows and into wider consciousness.

There's a lot to be said for these retreats, and I've taken a lot from sitting them. But if you are thinking of doing one one day, before you decide to sign up for one plunge into the terrifying caverns of your own mind, do have a read about my experiences sitting my first Vipassana many years ago. It was definitely worth it, but I wish I'd known a few things beforehand, which I hope will be useful to you now.

(And if you're interested in deepening or refreshing your perspective on Buddhism, or exploring the meaning of your own personal spiritual path more generally, this one's also for you.)

Check the article out here or in the World Inside section below.



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