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MeanderMe #9 - Human Fallibility

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Hello good soul,

This month, I've re-encountered my limitations, despite my best efforts to transcend them.

At times, we can do everything 'right', eat healthily, exercise, meditate, and generally do whatever it is that's supposed to make us fitter, happier, and more productive. But we still find ourselves headlocked in life's sweaty armpit, willing to submit if we only knew how.

Whatever it is that weighs down the human soul is ancient and complex, compounded not only over a lifetime of traversing the traumas and trials of life, but from countless generations of lost and flawed humans, who built our imperfect civilisations and developed our misguided social norms.

We are thus, as facets of this flawed system, innately fallible and flawed ourselves. We are destined to fail, often and painfully. What do we do in light of that?



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🧠The World Inside: Insights and strategies in Psychology, Spirituality and personal growth

Human Fallibility - Persisting in the face of inevitable failure.

Refusal/Affirmation - A poem on persistence

🌍 The World Around Us: Understanding and addressing social and environmental issues

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March! Put a Spring in your step ;)

🔥Monthly challenge: Get involved with a challenge I am taking, designed to increase self-discipline and wellbeing

Self-Ownership: Continuing my, ehrm, continuation of High Existence's 30 Challenges To Enlightenment, this challenge is all about radical self-responsibility. It is acknowledging that while there may be a splinter in your neighbour's eye, you should first tend to the log in your own. Fundamentally, it is about realising that no one else is responsible for how you feel but you yourself (or at least, that you should live your life as if this were the case, otherwise we are robbed of meaningful agency).

At the start of each day, I reflect on how I want to show up. And at its end, I ask whether and how I have. It's confronting to realise how often feeling sad is simply sulking. But it is empowering to remember, you can just STOP.

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Nic Stubbs: Nic is a friend of mine who also recently joined High Existence. He makes awesome, inspiring videos where he overlays visuals with powerful and insightful words (as well as writing wonderful articles) on topics like spirituality, psychedelic experience, personal growth and how to be a human generally. He also co-founded the Psychedelic Society of South Africa, which is pretty badass. Check out his videos here!

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