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MeanderMe #4 - Living Your Own Truth

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Hello good soul,

A new cutback format this month to allow people to find the juicy stuff straight away. The main feature is my first High Existence article all about stripping back the dogmas we inherit and living your own truth. I hope it inspires you to question some of the things you may have taken for granted and explore the joy that lies behind that.


🧠The World Inside: Insights and strategies in Psychology, Spirituality and personal growth

Following the Winding Road to Truth: Tradition is a Guide to be Left at the Door of Self-Discovery

An article all about moving past the limiting beliefs about the world we inherit and finding the limitless possibility behind that

This article is especially close to my heart as it is my first for High Existence. The community they have created - which tackles topics from 'What is the meaning of life?' all the way down to 'How to form effective habits' - has been a profound source of inspiration and guidance to me down the years and it is an absolute honour to have the opportunity to write for them.


Poem: Have I Been Looking So Long For Answers - To complement and contrast with the article, a pre-optimistic take on nihilism from a few years back


🌍 The World Around Us: Understanding and addressing social and environmental issues

ActionAble Update: Sign up for updates on our upcoming programme here or sign up for our newsletter on all things action-focused here

Bio-Leadership Fellowship: The mission of this programme is to explore ways in which we can help shape a new narrative for humanity based around the principles of nature and balance. If you would like to get involved and be connected to a network of entrepreneurs, academics, thought-leaders and everyday citizens seeking to build a new and better world, please do reach out! -

🤪Playtime: Just for fun

Outobro: Celebrate the Autumn decay with this slumberous, slightly moody collection

🔥Monthly challenge: Get involved with a challenge I am taking, designed to increase self-discipline and wellbeing

Metta-Me: This month I will be practising 30 minutes of Metta (Loving-Kindness) meditation per day. I will use this meditation (based on the rigorously researched meditation book The Mind Illuminated) to increase my empathy and compassion, my capacity for joy and connection and, ultimately, my ability to positively contribute to the lives of those around me.

(If 30 minutes feels too long, you can find countless shorter ones on or Reach out if you'd like some support!)

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Curious Humans: I first heard Jonny Miller speaking on this podcast and got the impression of someone grounded deeply in the wisdom of lived experience. Here was someone in integrity, who had lived out the answers to the questions he had on what makes a good life, how to do deal with grief and how to drop from the mind into the body. I highly recommend his newsletter for deeper dives on related topics, as well as updates on courses he runs on breathing and neuro-resilience.


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