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MeanderMe #25 - Willing the Will + My Coaching Offer

Hello good soul,

This edition, I've got an article about how to approach solving the riddle of willing your own willpower.

A lot of us settle for lives which drift quietly out of control, unconvinced of our capacity to shape them to our liking. But we can learn to be more assertive over the shape of our lives, if we are willing to face up to what this means.

If after reading it, you'd like to see what it would be like to work with me as a coach, you can explore more of what I offer here.



🧠The World Inside: Insights and strategies in Psychology, Spirituality and personal growth

Willing the Will: How You Can Cultivate a Strong Will, No Matter Where You’re At


If you'd like to explore working with me as a coach, you can read more here, or set up a call with me here.

🔥Resources: Books and other things I've been enjoying and finding insightful and useful

Gorgias, Plato: As the Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead said, "The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato." Plato, we might say, wrote the book when it comes to Philosophy.

The Gorgias may not be his definitive work, but it does set the scene for his magnum opus, The Republic, by establishing one of Plato's central ideas that is still echoing throughout human culture now: virtue is its own reward. That is, you need no external reason to be virtuous beyond the experience of being virtuous itself. To put it crudely, ultimately, being virtuous just feels better. If you'd like to see how Plato demonstrates such a crucial idea, Gorgias is a great place to start.

Keystone Habit Tracker App: As part of the Warrior 100 - a training programme I'm participating in designed to cultivate Warrior characteristics such as discipline, strength and consistency - I've been using the Keystone app to keep track of my completed challenges. I've found it extremely useful to get a sense of self-accountability, and it's really helped me generate some momentum as I see the days racking up. Try it out if you're looking to establish some new habits.

Insight Timer: In case you hadn't heard of it, Insight Timer is an app which has the biggest free library of guided meditations in the world, as well as a handy inbuilt timer. (To be honest, it's just a stopwatch with a gong sound, but it feels somehow special that it's used exclusively for meditations!). I use it to meditate, and again, it's been really helpful for building momentum and consistency with my practice.

🤪Playtime: Just for fun

September Titbits: Another fairly random selection of September Songs


Thanks for reading!

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