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MeanderMe #23: Do Things Differently To How You Have Done Before + Life Doesn't Have A Choice

Will you go a different route to the one you had gone so many times before?

Hello good soul,

Another two-fer this time around.

The theme connecting them would seem to be agency. That we have a choice, in spite of the inexorable force of life.

So, here's to that.



🧠The World Inside: Insights and strategies in Psychology, Spirituality and personal growth

Do Things Differently: The key to avoiding a life of maddening regret is quite simple after all. Stop repeating the same mistakes.

Life Doesn't Have A Choice: To all the pessimists out there. Perhaps some of our pain can be lessened when we cease to misattribute blame on that which is blameless.

🔥Resources: Books and other things I've been enjoying and finding insightful and useful

The Revolution Will Not be Psychologised: I haven't really heard a podcast episode like this before. Half prose-poem, half protest manifesto, it's a revery on the over-psychologisation of modern language, where everything is a matter of trauma, personal process and so on, at the centre of which lies the indelible axis of Western civilisation: the individual. The episode contemplates how this obsession with the individual, its healing (and therefore its brokenness) can be damaging, and how alternative, traditional ways of living, focused around community and ways of being 'beyond the self', are essential for human flourishing.

🤪Playtime: Just for fun

June 2023: Have a strange summer


Thanks for reading!

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