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MeanderMe #20 - Nervous System Mastery

Hello good soul,

Late last year, I sat Jonny Miller's Nervous System Mastery course. Amongst other things, it helped to bring me back in touch with my body and, most importantly, taught me to get curious whenever I experience some blockage or 'undesirable' state generally. This curiosity is one of those meta-skills, which can be applied to all difficulty in life. When we can approach hardship with an open heart, we see how it begins to melt away, perhaps because we cease to bind it in the heavy shackles of our aversion.

Read about my experience here.

And if that makes you want to try the course out for yourself, you can apply here. If you use the code HEX on checkout, you'll get a $150 discount:)

But don't dilly-dally too long, applications are closing tomorrow! (If money is an issue, you can find details for bursaries at the bottom of my article.)


🧠The World Inside: Insights and strategies in Psychology, Spirituality and personal growth

The Hero 100: Last call for the Hero 100! High Existence's latest offering. 6 challenges. 100 days. To change your life forever.

This course is all about stepping into your power. It's about stepping up to responsibility. By showing up consistently over a range of discipline and wellness challenges for just over three months, you'll fundamentally change your relationship to hardship, self-care and prioritising what really matters in general.

If you feel like you need something to shift in your life but aren't sure what or how, this is for you. Doors also close tomorrow! Apply here.

Calm: a poem on how calm isn't sitting still, but finding stillness in the swirling.

🤪Playtime: Just for fun

Martial Bliss: say goodbye to March


Thanks for reading!

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