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MeanderMe #19 - Completing 30 Challenges to Enlightenment!

To infinity. And beyond! Image from here.

Hello good soul,

After four years of trying, I've finally completed HighExistence's 30 Challenges to Enlightenment, 30 x 30 days' worth of challenges related to increasing discipline, deepening your spirituality and becoming a happier and wiser person, taking in cold showers, fasting, introducing myself to people I met in the street and many others things.

My life has changed beyond recognition in that period, as I've made the transition from lazy hedonist to a life of far greater balance and consistency today. Read about my journey here.



🧠The World Inside: Insights and strategies in Psychology, Spirituality and personal growth

The Hero 100: High Existence's latest offering. 6 challenges. 100 days. To change your life forever.

Progress: A related poem about Progress

🔥Resources: Books and other things I've been enjoying and finding insightful and useful

My Brilliant Friend - Elena Ferrante: One of the most impressive instances of a book seeming to pick you up and just deposit you in a place. You follow the protagonist from childhood to adolescence in1950s Naples. Somehow nostalgic for a life you never had.

Anam Cara - John O'Donohue: The book is a kind of poetic interpretation of Celtic spirituality for modern life, reminding us of the importance of place, sensuality and, most of all, friendship.

The Dhammapada: The central spiritual text of Buddhism. Turns out there's some quite valuable stuff in it.

The Mind Illuminated - Upasaka Culadasa: An interesting book to read alongside the Dhammapada, TMI is a modern-day meditation magnum opus, combining ancient spiritual practices with modern neuroscience to give you a practical and direct route to insight.

How to Think like a Stoic - Donald Robertson: a practical guide to applying Stoicism to your daily life, through the lens of Marcus Aurelius' life, former Roman Emperor and most famous Stoic of all.

Feral - George Monbiot: it's hard to remember how revolutionary this book was when it came out because it forced so many of the ideas Monbiot is discussing into mainstream consciousness, especially rewilding. Will be remembered as an ecology book for the ages.

🤪Playtime: Just for fun

Febrile: last month's hot takes

❤️Spreading the love: Other sites, podcasts and newsletters you can try if you enjoyed this newsletter

NSM: At the end of last year, I completed Jonny Miller's Neurosystem Mastery course, all about equipping you with tools and protocols to regulate your emotional state and meet whatever life throws at you. I'll be following up with an article on my experience shortly, but in the meantime, take a look, and if you fancy enrolling, you can get $150 off using the code HEX when you check out. If you still can't afford the course, you can apply for a bursary here:


Thanks for reading!

If you feel you received something of value from this newsletter and would like to support me to produce more of the same, you can contribute here:, or by sharing the email or this link with anyone you think might like it.

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