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Impractical Advice For Monday Mornings

Be gentle with yourself on Monday mornings,

For they represent beginnings,

And moreover how life never ceases to begin

Speak firmly more than kindly,

And you will see words finds their kindness,

In the firmness of the ground on which they stand

Appreciate your food,

And take the time to eat,

For we are constantly digesting,

And this way alone can practice 

For the life we are already in

Greet all dark thoughts as eccentric friends,

Gothic weirdos looking for a place to fit.

Do not assume the sun is where they long to dwell

but sit with them in sparsely moonlit corners,

For theirs is the land of sleep 

where we have pushed our nightmares,

Since we do not like their aspect in the crispness of the day.

But left in their proper place,

Their features start to soften – 

All ugly creatures find their beauty in the dark,

When we cease to look at them through fear

Dance, as much as possible

Because all attempts at stillness are a living lie.

The only fundamental fact –

That everything is fluid

Most of all laugh,

Most of all at yourself,

For humour is perspective of the whole without seeking distance from it,

Which is love as well.

That which cannot scrutinise itself 

For it is everything

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