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Have I Been Looking So Long For Answers

Have I been looking so long for answers

That I forgot what was the question?

I probably found it all out already

But was not paying attention.

So randomly I'll select directions,

Pointed in by these erections,

It's the closest thing I have which

tells the difference between East and West and

all the pestering aside,

at least this festering inside's

sequestered for a second in ecstatic quests for sex

where my erratic sense of self is sublimated in a faceless lake

of lust and love and hate

Ah I think I've missed the point

Trying to fix a point of place,

I guess you only find a way

once you admit that there's no base.

This eternal sought vacation that is our only true vocation -

We all spent so much time rushing to the train

That we forgot to ask the station agent ‘What's the destination?’,

screaming ‘Forward ever onward’,

Till the thrill of acceleration overcomes our fear of death,

Or at least replaces patience

Oh yes grant it to me lord but hurry,

all this waiting is extremely boring,

Since I realised my little life is no unfolding story

False protagonist grasping, agonies protracting, to no final glory,

Which I still pursue, mine, sniff out or build, write, create, make up!

With no more mote of meaning than a slipping glimpse of insight,

ships passing in the night, 

Dreamish ether beams encased in tombs

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