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Expect Nothing

Expect nothing

and everything will come to you,

Will come to you because coming and going

are just the opening and closing of the same door.

You are not the to and fro

but the aperture itself

which lets the movement in

Remember to love.

Because hate is just forgetting

that it does not exist;

As black to colour,

As darkness to matter, 

As an attenuating ghost 

demanding impossibly to live

Let go -

Ego, self,


That thin blockade which wants to hold you,

Like a drop of water in a river 

pretending it is in control

Give always

Because you are nothing but this agent of exchange

which, giving, 

will see that everything is already her own

Do not struggle,

For you are bound by nothing

but your own struggling


For hope is the presence of tomorrow in today,

The line between what we perceive and we imagine,

The slit through which we let 

the possible come in

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